Friday, May 6, 2016

May 6, 2016 The Holiday Begins

Today we said good bye to Đông Hà as well as to our drive, Ky.  After breakfast, Ky picked us up at the hotel and drove us to Hue.  We dropped Betsy off at a hotel in Huế and we continued to the airport, to fly to Hà Nội.

After so many months of planning, it is strange to be preparing to leave.  We don't know what our plans will be for next year.  I would love to come back but need to find a different area in which to teach. at the Quảng Trị Province now has instructors to carry on the program of both HBB and ECEB.

Betsy spent the day in Hue and stopped by Kim Long Clinic.  Here is her note:

I stopped by Kim Long Clinic and donated baby blankets, hats, hand sanitizer, and money. This is Sister Hien. She was not at our class last year (I think). The best news is she reported that 3 HBB training were done in remote areas (2 near the beach & 1 in the mountains)!!! She said that the class is good for remote areas .... So cool!

There continues to be a concern that the clinic needs to be relocated.

We taught at Kim Long Clinic last year - taught HBB and an HBB Instructor course.  It is so good to know that they are still using the information and teaching those who need to save babies.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

May 5, 2016. HBB and ECEB at Đa Krông Medical Center

Today was our last day at  Đa Krông and our last day teaching.  We taught 29 participants - mix of midwives and traditional birth attendants.  I say we, but actually, Betsy and I just watched in awe as our amazing new instructors did all of the work.

We knew that we would not need all of our manikins today so started draining a couple of them in the morning.  They are filled with water for the class, so that they are similar to handling a real baby.  It is important to drain them after class and to let them dry before putting them away.  Since we were using them daily, we left them filled but today we will empty all of them after class.

One of the first HBB lessons is about hand-washing.  We have been impressed with the thorough teaching and practicing of good hand-washing technique.  Betsy brought hand gel as a 'prop' but our students are using is regularly.

 As you can see from the pictures, our students are very good actresses.  They are enjoying playing the role of the mother and learning while having fun

 Since class was going so well, Betsy and I decided to take a walk to the hospital next door.  It is open - open doors and windows - and no security or pass needed.  We walked around and many people stopped us for pictures (with us) or to look at us curiously.  There are not many Westerners in this part of the country and in this rural location, so we are something of an oddity.  A few physicians spoke English and we were able to talk to them a little.

 This is the pharmacy.  Air conditioned so quite a pleasure on this hot day.  Although it looks in disarray to us, the pharmacist proudly showed us the room and all of the medications.  We were quite impressed as they do have a great variety of medications.